Wedding Funds


Eric and Lisa, a young couple living in Manhattan, set up a Wedding Fund. 

“We decided to use the joyous occasion of our marriage to help those in need,” the groom explained.  “JCF was the perfect choice for us.  We liked the idea of using a Jewishly identified donor advised fund and JCF made it easy, both for us and our guests.  Family and friends were able to contribute by credit card on JCF’s website and we were notified each time a gift was made to our fund.  We are thrilled to have raised so much money for charity and have been adding to our fund each year.”

Infuse your wedding celebration with added meaning by opening a JCF Wedding Fund with a tax-deductible gift of $5,000. JCF tracks all of the gifts into the fund for you. Then, as a couple, you can recommend grants to your favorite charities using our easy online platform.

4 simple steps to establish a JCF Wedding Fund:

  1. Read the Policies and Procedures booklet and review our fees.
  2. Fill out the online application.
  3. Make an initial contribution of at least $5,000.
  4. Review the investment performance chart and complete a Fund Investment Recommendation form.

Initial contribution:                 $5,000
Minimum grant amount:       $   100 ($36 online*)
Additional contributions:         any amount

*$36 grants may be recommended online to charities already in our database that do not require additional research.

To learn more about opening a JCF Wedding Fund, please contact Michelle Lebowits at